Fresh A.I.R. #8 – General Information

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Location: Project space of the URBAN NATION Museum, Bülowstraße 97, 10783 Berlin
Exhibition Dates: October 28, 2023 – May 31, 2024
Curator: Janine Arndt, Artistic Director Fresh A.I.R.

Participating Artists:

Apl315 (UKR)
Chlepa (POL)
Katya Craftsova (UKR)
Rita Ferreira (PRT)
Marjolein Guldentops (BEL)
Zuzanna Odolczyk (POL)
Diana-Elena Păun (ROU)
Oana Maria Pop (ROU)
Tanel Rander (EST)
Anastasia Stročkova (CZE)
Dana Venezia (ITA/ISR)

Original Call for Proposals

The 8th year of Fresh A.I.R. is running under the title »LINGUISTIC XPEDITION«. It refers to the traditions of the artistic-literary avant-garde that dealt experimentally with language, such as Italian Futurism or multinational Dadaism. This also includes subsequent interdisciplinary and cultural-critical movements such as French Lettrism or Russian Transfurism.
In this year, the act of speech as a constitutive element of human perception and communication will be the focus of attention. The examination and the creation of verbal-linguistic actions are just as much of interest as the analysis of verbal thinking and verbal action. Aspects of current debates on the structural power of language, language-critical standards or the enforcement of discrimination-free language are to be advanced in creative ways. In addition, the scriptural form of language will be regarded as well as and potential forms of development of written language are to be worked out experimentally.

Funding will be provided for:

  • projects that explore an experimental approach to spoken language and in which the involvement of local participants is included,
  • projects that focus on aspects of everyday language use and/or language and its communicative potential, critically reflecting on it in a linguistic-artistic-performative way or in autonomous, typographic forms of expression,
  • projects that focus on the further development of written language (expressive power, functionality, etc.) or rethink linguistic signs in digital space (multimodality, interactivity, etc.).