Hygiene regulations


3G rule | FFP2 mask | contact data collection

Dear BSWKND visitors,

Your health and the protection of our exhibitors, artists and employees are important to us. Therefore, the following rules of conduct apply until further notice.

Due to the limited number of visitors and admission control, there may be waiting times.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.


Admission only for those tested, vaccinated or recovered.
Admission is available with either a current negative test result for COVID-19 disease or proof of complete vaccination (14 days after final vaccination) or proof of having experienced COVID-19 disease.

For those tested: PCR tests (taken before a maximum of 24 h) or rapid antigen tests for professional use (taken before a maximum of 24 h, e.g. in test centers, doctors‘ offices, pharmacies) are permitted. Mandatory testing applies to children 6 years of age and older. The school „Corona self-test cards“ are valid for children as proof of a negative test (taken before a maximum of 24 h).

Please come tested to the Quartiersfest to avoid waiting times.  A test station (SMB Swift Med Berlin GmbH) is available at Frobenstraße 28, 10783 Berlin. However, waiting times are to be expected.


Contact data collection via Luca or darfichrein.de required.
Before access, the registration of your contact data is required. Registration takes place digitally via a QR code on site using your smartphone via the Luca app.

If you and your companion do not have a smartphone, you have the option of registering at the Infopoint in Bülowstr. 91 or Bülowstr. 7.


Mouth and nose protection compulsory
FFP2 masks are mandatory in the URBAN NATION Museum, BÜLOW90 and Bülowstr. 97 including the waiting area, except at the table and when consuming food and drinks.

Exceptions for children: Children 6 years of age and older must wear a mouth-to-nose covering of their choice.

Adolescents over the age of 16 must wear an FFP2 mask.


We must deny admission to guests with typical COVID-19 symptoms or who have been in contact with COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days, as well as guests who have a proven history of SARS-CoV-2 infection or are subject to quarantine measures. If you feel ill or unwell, please refrain from visiting.


Visitor capacity at the URBAN NATION Museum and BÜLOW90 is limited, as is the number of participants in the workshops. Visitors are counted at the entrance to ensure that the maximum number of visitors is observed. Once the maximum capacity has been reached, further visitors will only be admitted once other guests have left the premises.


Observe distance rule of 1.5 metres.

Please keep the minimum distance of 1.5 metres in the waiting area, in the inner outdoor area and in the entire premises. Persons who are exempt from contact restrictions in relation to each other according to the currently valid regulations are exempt from this rule. Please be considerate and mindful of other visitors.

Entrance and exit

The BÜLOW90 has only one separate entrance and exit (access via entrance of the open space). Our visitor guidance system (one-way system) ensures smooth and contact-free entry and exit of the premises.


Disinfection dispensers are available for you at the workshops, in the Bülow90 and in the museum. In all sanitary facilities you will also find sufficient liquid soap and disposable towels.